Everything you need to know about the importance of cleaning tartar

Everything you need to know about the importance of cleaning tartar - Dental Office
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Everything you need to know about the importance of cleaning tartar

What is tartar and why is it important to clean it regularly?

One of the most insidious enemies of the teeth that appears in almost every person is tartar. These are solid deposits of impurities that strongly bind to the teeth. Dental plaque (soft deposits of dirt on the teeth) forms before tartar, which, if we do not remove it in time, mineralizes and forms a hard layer – dental tartar that we cannot remove without professional help.

Bacteria with different acids live in tartar, which disrupt the pH value of the oral cavity and teeth, damage the structure of tooth enamel, after which caries, gingivitis and periodontitis can occur. In addition to giving a bad aesthetic appearance (yellow, dark and pigmented teeth), tartar also causes other problems such as decay and decay not only of the teeth but also of the bone around the teeth and gums.

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Is it possible to prevent tartar?

Although it appears in almost every person, the susceptibility to tartar deposition is different for each person individually and depends on lifestyle habits (smoking, consumption of coffee, sweets, level of dental hygiene, etc.)

– The formation of tartar can be reduced and prevented by changing dietary habits, such as avoiding the consumption of sweets and a diet based on fruits, vegetables, and grains.

– The most important item in prevention is proper and regular oral hygiene with the use of floss to clean the space between the teeth and the use of antibacterial mouthwashes based on plants such as sage or mint.

– Include in your routine an examination at the dentist every 6 months because sometimes tartar is difficult to spot in time since it most often occurs on the inside of the tooth.

– Drink enough water every day to maintain a balanced body pH and avoid bad breath.

Cleaning tartar is fast, painless and important!

We recommend visiting the dentist as soon as you notice the accumulated plaque and before the appearance of tartar. It is inevitable that dental plaques appear daily, but the problem arises if they are not removed in time. Once tartar starts to form, brushing and flossing won’t help much.

Tartar cleaning is part of preventive dentistry, as one treatment removes plaque, tartar and other changes on the tooth surface, such as dark spots and pigmentation that can be caused by food and smoking.

By cleaning tartar from the teeth, periodontal diseases are prevented, impurities and calcifications are removed and the aesthetic effect of whitened teeth is obtained.

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Ways to remove tartar

Cleaning tartar is completely painless, and for this purpose, the Dental office uses various methods.

– Ultrasonic cleaning of tartar. Cleaning of tartar is performed using ultrasonic technology, which breaks pieces of tartar and separates them from the surface of the teeth. Water droplets under the influence of ultrasound disperse into hundreds of tiny droplets that rinse the tooth, leaving it smooth and clean. After removing tartar, the teeth are polished to make the surface smooth and less susceptible to tartar formation.

– Sandblasting is a method of cleaning teeth using a fine, high-pressure jet of water and powder (calcium carbonate or sodium hydrogencarbonate) that is sprayed on the tooth surface with a special device. This method restores the whiteness and shine of the teeth. This method can be repeated several times a year.

For sparkling white and smooth teeth and tartar cleaning, you can schedule an appointment at the Dental office via

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