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Frequently asked questions

Periodontal diseases are the main cause of tooth loss and can be associated as a risk factor in chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. Gingivitis is much more dangerous than we think. A study from 2015 showed a connection between periodontal disease and hypertension (high blood pressure), while several studies also showed a connection between periodontal disease and cerebrovascular ischemia (e.g. stroke).

Periodontal disease cannot be treated!

Periodontal disease treatments are not successful!

Periodontal disease occurs only in older people!

Cleaning teeth and removing tartar is the only treatment for periodontal disease!

The Dental Office practice is located at Kalmija Baruha Street 1, in the immediate vicinity of Sarajevo city center.

Do you have red, inflamed gums?

If your gums bleed when brushing and flossing?

If you have noticed that your teeth have become longer?

If you have bad breath?

Do you have loose teeth in one or more teeth?

Ever since you reached puberty, have you noticed gum inflammation?

Have you noticed a change in your bite (tooth movement)?

Our services are painless.

Često postavljana pitanja